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87 min: Russo almost scores again but the keeper makes a great save after a defensive blunder saw England pounce.

The Lionesses remain relentless and keep hammering North Macedonia’s door. The latest chance ends in a goal kick. Velkova is now down with injury.

I can imagine there will be a good few added minutes.


84 min: Parris is chopped down on the edge of the box with Velkova getting a yellow card. The Arsenal player has been clinical since coming on.

Carter takes the kick but can’t find anyone in the box. England still in possession and building once again.

Parris looked as though she had scored but she was offside!


82 min: Russo almost gets among the scoring action but Panchurova collects well.

There’s a break in play as Boseska is on the ground after helping to defend that Russo shot.


80 min: I predicted 10-0 before kick-off but I think there are a few more to come. The Lionesses record away win is 13-0 and I could see them at least equalling it here as North Macedonia tire.

England have another free kick and they are building from halfway.

North Macedonia make a change as Petrushevska comes on for Nikolovska.


GOAL! North Macedonia 0-10 England (Toone, 77′)

Now Toone gets among the hat-trick action.

It was too easy as Parris makes an open run into the box and it’s passed back to Toone who slices it.

I’ve lost count now.
I’ve lost count now. Photograph: Nikola Krstic/REX/Shutterstock


76 min: Salihi has been given a yellow card for a foul on Mead and England immediately launch an attack.

It’s hard to find new words to describe the Lionesses brutal forward play.

Parris has earned them a free kick just outside the box but it’s well blocked by North Macedonia.

Huge 62 goals across seven games in these qualifiers. A staggering statistic.


GOAL! North Macedonia 0-9 England (Toone, 73′)

The ball pin balls around the box with Russo doing so well to keep it in play. Toone finds her second as she is unmarked in the box.

Just as a say there’s a lull, there’s a goal!


73 min: Mead and Stokes link up in the box but the hosts manage to close down the attack.

Parris gets a cross in the hope of finding Scott but her long legs go a bit high and possession is given away.

There’s definitely been a lull in this game in the last ten minutes but England will be encouraged as they still haven’t conceded in the World Cup qualifiers.


70 min: North Macedonia have a free kick and they force Hampton into a catch. The most the keeper has been threatened this evening.

England make a triple change as Russo, Zelem and Daly coming on for Walsh, Bronze and White.

White will have to wait to equal Rooney’s record but she has reached 50 goals for her country this evening.

Just to give an update on my carpet stain, for those interested haha, it seems to be clearing up. Thank goodness! My clumsy moment hasn’t led to permanent damage.


67 min: An England corner sees Mead take up the set-piece duties. Bronze got a touch to it and she just can’t get the header on target.

If the visitors capitalised on all their chances the scoreline would be even more punishing for North Macedonia.


65 min: Bronze’s cross has too much on it and England’s attack stalls. But once more they are easily back in possession in seconds.

Parris tries to get a cross in but it’s well blocked.

Mead does get a cross in with her getting a slick pass across goal with it just evading White.


63 min: You won’t be surprised as I tell you the Lionesses are continuing their onslaught of attack.

North Macedonia must be so tired at this point, England have had 28 shots at goal. And there’s no sign of them stopping any time soon with Parris attempting to score but it goes just wide.


60 min: England make their first changes as Parris and Scott come on for Hemp and Stanway.

Hemp has been great with multiple assists and Stanway has slotted two goals.


58 min: This is a mirror of the start of the game, the first three goals were scored early doors and then England let up slightly.

Can the Lionesses keep up this pressure?

England again on the attack but White clashes with Panchurova and North Macedonia get the free kick.


GOAL! North Macedonia 0-8 England (Stanway, 55′)

Okay I am struggling to keep up! Another great cross from Hemp sees Stanway put her second of the match away.

She turned and smashes home, wow!

Georgia Stanway scores again!
Georgia Stanway scores again! Photograph: Nikola Krstic/REX/Shutterstock


55 min: North Macedonia are making changes with Rochi and Petrovska make way for Salihi and Stojkovska.

England running up to goal once again in search of their eighth.


GOAL! North Macedonia 0-7 England (Mead, 52′)

Oh that slice was perfect as Hemp’s attempt is saved and Mead pounces for her fourth.

One more goal would equal an England record for the most goals in a single game.

And another!
And another! Photograph: Nikola Krstic/REX/Shutterstock


52 min: Wow, so so close! Bronze gets a shot away and White flies through the air to try and get a head to it but she just misses.

I have received a few messages about these matches being a waste of time due to the scoreline. A lot of people are discussing whether the World Cup qualifiers need to be adapted to avoid these huge scores but for now it’s the route to the world stage.


50 min: Panchurova is down injured, she looks in pain and is crying on the floor. Let’s hope that’s not as bad as it looks.

She’s receiving treatment and looks to be staying on the pitch.


48 min: Stanway tries to get a long-range shot away but it’s deflected for a corner.

Hemp takes the kick, a set-piece taker change with Stanway taking them in the first half, with White getting a head to it. It’s cleared on the line but a foul goes against England.


GOAL! North Macedonia 0-6 England (Mead, 46′)

And there’s the hat-trick for Mead! A great hit into the corner sees the first goal of the second half.

No changes for England at half-time but the hosts have with Mustafa off for Shemsovikj.

That’s the hat-trick for Beth Mead.
That’s the hat-trick for Beth Mead. Photograph: Nikola Krstic/REX/Shutterstock


And we’re back underway!

It’s worth noting there are 124 places between these teams in the world rankings.

In terms of the fan question I was asked earlier, my colleagues are unsure as to why there aren’t many supporters in the stadium. So I am presuming it isn’t Covid related. But I may be wrong. If I hear anything concrete I’ll let you know.


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Half-time: North Macedonia 0-5 England

Well, what a half that was!

North Macedonia haven’t been able to stop the relentless England attack. Mead has had two goals with Toone, White and Stanway getting amongst the action.

How many more goals will we see? Huge 45 coming up.


45 + 3 min: It was three added minutes and so half-time is looming.

North Macedonia have a free kick but Toone collects the ball well. Rochi is getting frustrated and she has started to have words with the ref. She needs to be careful as she is on a yellow.


45 +1 min: I have missed how many minutes have been added but play continues.

England, you guessed it, are still attacking. The peddle is not letting up with Hemp’s chance the latest.


GOAL! North Macedonia 0-5 England (Stanway, 44′)

The power on that finish! Toone, Hemp and Stanway get touches on that with the Manchester City star smashing it home.

Nothing the keeper could do.

England just keep going. Georgia Stanway steps up for number five.
England just keep going. Georgia Stanway steps up for number five. Photograph: Nikola Krstic/REX/Shutterstock


43 min: That goal takes White beyond Sir Bobby Charlton and Harry Kane in England’s all-time scorers.

She needs just three more to equal Wayne Rooney’s record.

North Macedonia have a free kick in a great position with Rochi the taker. But England manage to defend well and in the spell Rochi is given a yellow card. So frustrating for the playmaker who tries to make an impact before half-time.


GOAL! North Macedonia 0-4 England (White, 41′)

A 50th England goal for White! She finally gets the luck and gets the final touch after Stanway launches the ball in from a corner.

Ellen White heads in the fourth goal for Emgland.
Ellen White heads in the fourth goal for England. Photograph: Nikola Krstic/REX/Shutterstock


40 min: It’s more of the same with England keeping their tempo up.

Mead floats a ball in with Hemp running in but she concedes a foul in her attempt. The Lionesses aren’t without the ball for long and this time England get the free kick.

Three players loom over the ball for England and Stanway plays it short. It pings around the box with Maksuti doing well to defend. It remains in England’s possession as they hunt for their fourth.


36 min: Panchurova makes a great save with the Mead chance and so concedes a corner. Stanway sends it in again but the hosts manage to clear well.

Hemp makes another good run and she trips after a foul. The ref keeps the game going until Hemp loses the ball for a free kick.

Stanway takes the set-piece and it’s another fantastic save from the hosts keeper.


33 min: Maksuti is on the ground with an injury and it sees a big break in play. It seems she had a clash with Bronze in the air.

I believe she is staying on the pitch and props to her as that looked painful.

England now on attack once again and Mead almost gets a hat-trick with her shot just sailing over the bar.


30 min: A free kick for England almost sees a fourth goal with White heading across goal but Carter and Bright don’t get to it.

They are on the attack again and it feels that will be the tale all evening.

Daniel has been in touch on Twitter asking if I was able to save my juice drink. Sadly all but one mouthful was spilled on the carpet, it’s still drying and I spilled it almost two hours ago. I fear the carpet may be ruined.


27 min: Oh Ellen White, I don’t think it’s her night tonight! This time she slips on a chance she would have been through.

She is getting in all the right places but she just needs the last touch to come off.

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the fans question, I’ve asked a few colleagues. I do know the capacity at the stadium is 33,000 but as soon as I get an answer on the supporters I’ll update.


GOAL! North Macedonia 0-3 England (Toone, 24′)

What a finish by Toone! She was outside the box and running but got her shot away.

England running away with it already.

Ella Toone gets England’s third goal with a lovely finish.
Ella Toone gets England’s third goal with a lovely finish. Photograph: Lynne Cameron/The FA/Getty Images


23 min: England continue to hammer North Macedonia’s defence

Ron has been in touch and asked a very valid question: “Why aren’t there any fans in the North Macedonian Stadium tonight?”

I have to be honest, I’m not too sure. I shall put feelers out and get back to you ASAP.


21 min: The confidence of this England side is optimised by keeper Hampton as she is so far out of her goal but she chips the ball over North Macedonian players heads!

England get back into the box with Hemp pulling the trigger but her shot goes wide. The visitors could be a lot further ahead if they managed to convert these masses of chances.

Again Stanway gets the ball at her feet but she skies the chance.


19 min: White is edging closer to her goal as once again her header comes inches away. It rattles the woodwork and her frustration is starting to show.

Petrovska makes a good break and sends the hosts’ first cross into the box. But no teammates were there to help her convert the chance.

In terms of clumsy moments so far we’ve had spilt drinks, stained shirts and a ran over laptop. Want to add yours to the list? Let me know via Twitter or email!


16 min: England are their own worst enemy at times with Stanway in a position to shoot just outside of the box but she doesn’t take the opportunity.

It came out to Toone who’s pass is loose to go out for a goal kick.

Mead, who’s having a cracking game, slides the ball through to Toone who seems to slip to see the shot go wide. More goals are coming but little errors are halting the visitors at the moment.


14 min: Mead is chasing a hat-trick already with less than a quarter of this match gone!

England are pressing again, not letting up despite their dominance. Hemp is causing more problems, earning a free kick which is taken quickly.

But North Macedonia do well to get the ball back around the box to clear. Sadly their hard work is given away as England easily recover possession. This evening is going to be a hard graft for the hosts.


GOAL! North Macedonia 0-2 England (Mead, 12′)

Wow that was so close! Stanway crosses it to White who’s chance goes just wide.

North Macedonia thread some passes in the midfield but England manage to close down the play to launch another attack.

Mead looks to cross to White but the pass goes straight into goal!


10 min: North Macedonia’s first spell of possession ends in England wrestling the ball back and passing it back to Hampton. Will the Aston villa keeper be troubled at all this evening?

England run it up the pitch through Stokes. Mead and Stanway get a touch in the box but the chances go awry.

Hemp again crosses in but it just escapes White once more. The keeper concedes another corner with Stanway the taker. Nikolovska does well to clear, the North Macedonia player is having a good game so far.


7 min: That didn’t take long did it? The hosts are immediately under pressure once again following that opening goal.

The ball finds itself in the box again with Bronze having a chance but she passes, wasting the opportunity. There’s another corner here.

Stanway is the taker once again and North Macedonia clear.


GOAL! North Macedonia 0-1 England (Mead, 5′)

That was too easy for Mead who pounces on a ball which just escapes White. The keeper does well to defend White’s shot and Mead capitalises on an open goal.

Beth Mead scores for England. This could be a long night for Macedonia.
Beth Mead scores for England. This could be a long night for Macedonia. Photograph: Nikolay Doychinov/The FA/Getty Images


4 min: So close, again Hemp crosses in with White’s head connecting. The shot goes just wide, the Manchester City striker evidently hungry for goals tonight.

Walsh has a sloppy touch in the midfield but England recover and get to the box once again. Nikolovska concedes the first corner of the match.

Stanway takes the kick with White’s head connecting once again but it’s not a clean touch.


2 min: Predictably England have a strong start to this qualifier with all the possession so far.

Hemp is making some great runs and she feeds Stanway to give England their first shot. North Macedonia deal with it well but there is a sense it could be a long evening for the hosts.


Kick-off! North Macedonia 0-0 England

We are underway after the teams take a knee.

How many goals can the Lionesses score this evening? And will North Macedonia’s defence hold up?

Kari has emailed me with a clumsy moment, saying: “Once I had to take the train to a different city for an onstage event. It was in the late afternoon, but the only train I could take arrived at noon. So I figured I’d get lunch near the train station.

“The train was hours late, so when I got there I was famished, and in a hurry, and went into the first restaurant I saw, which was Italian. I ordered pasta in sauce. Anyway, before I could go on stage I had to buy a new shirt.”

Pasta sauce is always going to have consequences, but the taste is worth it right?


The teams are out and the anthems are about to begin!

Just five minutes now until kick-off in this qualifier.

England line up before kick off.
England line up before kick off. Photograph: Nikola Krstic/REX/Shutterstock


The clumsy moments continue and Lucy is on my level with spilling drinks!

She has got in touch and said she got so excited in a club because a great tune came on that she threw her drink. It bounced off the wall, onto a chair and went all over the floor.

Her story is much better than mine and she really painted a picture! Keep the clumsy moments coming, I’m comforted that I am not the only person doing this.

If you’re confused by this discussion, I shared earlier I spilled a pint of juice on my cream carpet while trying to charge my laptop. What a start to my shift!


Other discussions have been around why Wiegman would play Ellen White instead of giving Alessia Russo experience.

It’s a difficult decision as you want to put your best foot forward, no matter the opposition, but players do need that experience – especially ahead of a big tournament.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your opinions.


England selection has a lot of discussion around it among fans and media just though the pure strength in depth the Lionesses have.

One of the positions which is highly contested is goalkeeper with Hannah Hampton getting the shirt this evening.

Manager Sarina Wiegman told ITV when asked who is her number one choice in goal was: “At this moment Mary Earps is our number 1, the goalkeepers are pushing each other very hard.

“It’s a luxury to have [many] keepers at this level. Hannah has been playing well at her club [Aston Villa] and she hasn’t had that much experience at this level.”


I’ve had some responses on the clumsy front and it has made me feel better!

Francesca has said she once ran over her laptop with her car.

I have so many questions and I don’t know if we have time before kick-off at 7pm! How did this occur? Was the laptop okay afterwards? Why was the laptop on the floor in the first place?

Get you clumsy moments in via Twitter or email!


Leah Williamson may not be involved this evening due to concussion protocols but it has been a proud week for the Arsenal star.

Sarina Wiegman has named her as the permanent captain for the Lionesses. Steph Houghton has been plagued with injury and the manager is looking for some continuity ahead of the Euros this summer.

Today’s skipper Millie Bright is the vice-captain with record scorer Ellen White the third in line.

Williamson said of being named captain earlier this week: “I am honoured to be asked to lead us at the Euros.

“Steph Houghton is one of this country’s all-time greats and to follow in her footsteps – and all of those special names who have led the team in the past – means so much.”

Read the full story here.


Frankie has got in touch with some concern about what flavour of juice is that I’ve spilled all over my cream carpet.

It was a refreshing peach so the stain isn’t as bad as it would have been with a blackcurrant. But it wasn’t the best moment of my day!

Share your clumsy stories with me or stain advice on Twitter or email.


Ellen White starts this evening and could add another record to her name.

She is already the Lionesses’ top-scorer but she could also catch Wayne Rooney’s record of 53 goals.

The Manchester City star has 49 scores and so she has the fixtures against North Macedonia and Northern Ireland to either equal Rooney’s record with four goals or beat it with five.

It will be a tall order but, with the Lionesses beating North Macedonia 8-0 the last time the two teams faced on another, it’s not an impossible feat.


Just before the blog went live I opened my juice which I treated myself to at the coffee shop.

I jumped up to charge my laptop and managed to clip the juice with my heel, I don’t know how, and it’s gone all over the carpet. I’ve whacked vanish on it, hopefully it doesn’t stain as I’m renting and that will come out of my deposit!

So to make myself feel better please tell me some of your clumsiest moments. Or if you know how to get a juice stain out that would be much appreciated!

Let me know via Twitter (@rendellx) or by email.


England have revealed their line-up for tonight’s qualifier and it sees Millie Bright captain the side.

Leah Williamson is out due to concussion protocols.

The starting XI is: Hampton, Bronze, Stokes, Walsh, Carter, Bright, Mead, Stanway, White, Toone, Hemp.

Substitutes: Earps, Daly, Zelem, George, Parris, Nobbs, Russo, Scott, Roebuck.

North Macedonia, who host this evening, have also announced their squad.

The starting 11 is: Panchurova, Boseska, Petrovska, Nikolovska, Joshevska, Velkova, Jakovska, Mustafa, Andonova, Maksuti, Rochi.

Substitutes: Veleska, Gjorgjevska, Shemsovikj, Markovska, Saliihi, Samardzievska, Nikolova, Stojkovska, Petrushevska, Choneva, Pavlovska.



Hello and welcome to England’s World Cup qualifier against North Macedonia!

The Lionesses are currently sat at the top of Group D with their opponents this evening in fifth. Sarina Wiegman’s women are favourites to bag another win but North Macedonia will be looking to stem the bleeding of goals.
The last time these two sides met England raced to a 8-0 victory but they will be without many stars in this qualifier. Beth England and Niamh Charles had to withdraw after testing positive for Covid. Captain Leah Williamson has travelled with the team but she won’t be playing due to concussion protocols.

Alex Greenwood and Lotte Wubben-Moy are also both out with injury.

Some fans may also be wondering where Fran Kirby is, she is being rested by Chelsea and so won’t participate in today’s qualifier or Tuesday’s against Northern Ireland.

Despite the absences, England have a lot of stars to choose from and the team have released their starting XI so stay tuned for updates …

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