TV tonight: Greg Davies and Alex Horne continue the Taskmaster fun | Television


9pm, Channel 4

Now in its 13th season since first airing in 2015, Greg Davies and Alex Horne’s celebrity gauntlet Taskmaster has established itself as a telly staple. Entering the competition this year are comics Ardal O’Hanlon, Bridget Christie, Chris Ramsey, Judi Love and Sophie Duker. Their first task is an indoor duck hunt, which causes some animal identification problems for O’Hanlon. Next, there’s portraiture – using only lipstick kisses to illustrate their canvases. Ammar Kalia

No Roses on a Sailor’s Grave

7.50pm, PBS America

In June 1944, Patrick Thomas, a Royal Navy telegraph operator, survived the sinking of his vessel off the coast of Normandy. The final position of the ship was never confirmed but, with the help of a keen archaeologist and Thomas’s memories, this film follows attempts to locate the wreck. Graeme Virtue

Cornwall: A Year By the Sea

8pm, Channel 5

It’s winter in Cornwall. Veryan and Richard deploy helpers to make the Headland hotel festive; Tom and his friend Will go sardine fishing at night; farmers Charlie and Matt prepare to release new lambs; and on Fentongollan Farm more than 400 varieties of daffodil bloom. Ali Catterall

Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars

9pm, BBC One

Gordon Ramsay’s search for the next great food entrepreneur has resulted in oddball reality TV: a mix of MasterChef and The Apprentice. Tonight, contestants have to cook lunch halfway up a Lake District mountain. Later, they craft their own non-alcoholic spirit. Henry Wong

Art That Made Us

9pm, BBC Two

Episode two of this alternative history of Britain, told through art and culture, takes us from the Black Death to the Peasants’ Revolt. Lending hope to our current situation, we see how the aftermath of the Black Death led to a creative renewal. AK


9pm, BBC Three

We’re at a housing development in Stoke-on-Trent for the first episode of this entertaining documentary series on the lives of bricklayers across the country. New apprentice Tom tries to prove himself, while Jeorgia copes with working away from home for the first time. AK

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