TV tonight: Will Young opens up about losing his twin brother to alcoholism | Television

Will Young: Losing My Twin Rupert
10.05pm, Channel 4

When Will Young was winning over Saturday night audiences on Pop Idol back in 2002, behind the scenes he was trying to look after his brother Rupert who was living with alcoholism. This incredibly candid film sees Will (always so charming, while wearing his heart on his sleeve) and his parents tell Rupert’s story. He also speaks to people having to cope with alcoholism in their families – a conversation with a charity worker about her dad will cause a tear or two. Hollie Richardson

Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals
8pm, BBC Three

The countdown to finals day on 14 May continues as the semi-finals of the eternally magnificent Euro variety show get under way (the second semi is on Thursday at the same time). Tonight, all eyes will surely be on Ukrainian rappers Kalush Orchestra who, one suspects, would have to plumb unforeseen depths not to qualify. Phil Harrison

Thomasin McKenzie and Evie Templeton in Life After Life
Unhappy endings … Thomasin McKenzie and Evie Templeton in Life After Life. Photograph: Sally Mais/BBC/House Productions

Life After Life
9pm, BBC Two

Anyone searching for a satisfying ending in tonight’s finale likely won’t find it – but that doesn’t make this period drama about a girl reborn each time she dies any less compelling. In fact, the ambiguous final moments only add to its beauty. HR

Derry Girls
9pm, Channel 4

Lisa McGee’s peerless sitcom continues. Tonight, Mary (Tara Lynne O’Neill) and Aunt Sarah (Kathy Kiera Clarke) are preparing for a school reunion and remembering their own charming, hopeless, adolescent selves. Delightful. Phil Harrison

9pm, Sky Atlantic

The French Chef decides to end her “little show” – and this scrumptious drama also ends here. But, before she goes, Julia needs to deal with all those affected by the repercussions of her decision. It will be a sad au revoir to Sarah Lancashire, who has been a treat to watch as Julia. HR

Bonnie Mbuli, Masali Baduza and Helen Baxendale in Noughts + Crosses
Bonnie Mbuli, Masali Baduza and Helen Baxendale in Noughts + Crosses. Photograph: Ilze Kitshoff/BBC/Mammoth Screen

Noughts + Crosses
10.35pm, BBC One

Sephy sits down for some tense crisis negotiations with her father in the wake of her interview – immunity for Callum and Jude in return for a public reconciliation. There’s a lot of melodrama and gunfire to wade through as plans predictably go awry, but some sweet domestic scenes soften proceedings. Henry Wong

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