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Thank you, Arwa Mahdawi, for confirming my granddaughter’s view of me. She’s convinced that I’m weird for my breakfast habit of putting orange juice on cereal (Orange juice on cereal? I wish that was the worst food combination around, 11 May 2022). I thought I’d invented it without the help of Tropicana, because for 80-plus years I’ve not liked milk on cereal. But then I grew up thinking that my Lancastrian uncle’s habit of putting gravy and sugar on yorkshire pudding was normal. What other weird, shameful food habits are out there?
Keith Hibbert
Newcastle upon Tyne

When we lived in Ghana in the 1970s, our dog, like all the dogs in the hospital compound where we lived and worked, was fed on millet porridge (‘People say they want me arrested’: the owners putting their pets on vegan diets, 11 May). Any whiff of meat, eggs or gravy to eat was reputed to turn them into serious hunters and chicken killers. Boots was a delightful, intelligent and healthy village mutt, who showed no signs of malnourishment.
Dilys and Lewis Noble

As a vegan, I too have struggled with the environmental and animal-welfare impact of feeding my two dogs a traditional meat-based diet. Instead I feed them an insect-based diet. This provides all the nutritional benefits of meat without me having to face the concomitant ethical minefield. It has the added benefit that the dogs love it.
Diana Thornton
Oxshott, Surrey

All cod liver oil spoons should have a large hole in the centre (Letters, 11 May).
Brian Cowen
Darwen, Lancashire

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